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15 Sep Top Tips to Spice Up Your Naija Family Meal Time
Tosin Fajobi 1 944
When I was a young girl, family meals were so boring. All we had were the conventional meals: white rice/jollof rice/fried rice with stew and beef/chicken/fish, swallow with soup and beef/chicken/fish, boiled beans, boiled/fried yam with fried egg and so on. In short, there was nothing on the plate to make me look forward to the meals. Sure, they w..
21 Aug Spicy Stripped Beef Sauce with Spaghetti Recipe
Applecart Nigeria 0 522
Here's an easy yet amazingly tasty spaghetti and beef sauce recipe. This recipe is from our friends at DoctooraHealth who are bringing healthcare closer to you. You should check them out!Now to the recipe, it has a quick prep and cook time of 30minutes and features a combination of easy-to-source ingredients which are of course available on Appleca..
15 Aug How to Keep Your Moi-Moi Leaves Fresh
Applecart Nigeria 0 535
We all know moi-moi is a delicacy enjoyed by Nigerians home and abroad. Don't you agree that moi-moi made in nylons just doesn't cut it? Aside from the plastic component of nylons, there's this undeniably unique flavour that moi-moi leaves infuse into the wraps of bean goodness, you can just tell the difference! It's moi-moi leaves or nothing! The ..
06 Aug Pumpkin leaves in Mackerel (Titus) Sauce-Food Fantasies of a Yummy Mum
Tracey Sokoya 0 710
Hello! It's my first special edition feature on the Applecartng blog.Cooking and writing food is a passion and as a busy mum, the need to prepare quick, healthy and tasty meals for my family is a top priority! This recipe is a quick easy win for the fish lovers and a versatile one too.. Now who does not like versatility? :)... On to the recipe. Ing..
29 Jul Plantain Mania: Discover the Awesomeness of Plantain
Tosin Fajobi 0 374
Let me just start by making this assertion: I LOVE PLANTAIN!! No, you don’t understand! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PLANTAIN! I don’t want to bore you with all my childhood tales. But when I was growing up, boiled white rice, plantain and fish/beef was a Sunday afternoon ritual after church. It was something I looked forward to a lot. So much that after I ha..
22 Jul How To Cook A Killer Pot Of Jollof Rice
Tosin Fajobi 0 245
Every Nigerian, no matter their tribe, can smell Jollof rice cooking even when they are miles away. That is how much we love it! Most people prefer to reserve jollof rice for special occasions or events. They believe the rice is too delicious to just be eaten like bread.If you don’t know how to cook jollof rice that will have people biting their ..
15 Jul Top 3 Benefits Of Eating Sea Food- A Nigerian Health Guide
Applecart Nigeria 0 300
Sea food is a cherished delicacy globally, from saltwater and freshwater fish to deep-sea shellfish. Sea food is high in nutrients, acts as a credible source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, is abundant in omega-3 fatty acids and reduces chronic disease. Know that the seafood you consume will produce a lot of benefits when next you enjoy your ta..
03 Jan 6 Amazing benefits of increasing your fruit intake
Tosin Fajobi 0 978
Amazing benefits of increasing your fruit intakeOkay, I understand. You really want to skip this topic because you have heard it over and over again. Your mum tells you to eat more fruits. Your doctor advises you to eat at least three fruits a day. Even your friend has said it a few times that you should keep your body healthy by eating fruits. I’v..
15 Dec Home made Powdered Ginger in 3 Easy Steps
Applecart Nigeria 0 902
Ginger is a very versatile spice. It gives distinct flavour to meat, fish and just about everything else. Not to talk of the nutritional value it provides.Powdered ginger is one of the most convenient forms of ginger. You don’t need to wash, peel and grate to use. You simply take out your powdered ginger and ad to meals as required. And of course t..
17 Nov Recipe for Yam Porridge With A Twist
Tosin Fajobi 0 1131
One of my favourite meals is beans and plantain. If I had my way, I would probably eat it daily. But we’re not here to talk about beans. There was a day I went to my favourite eatery, but my beloved beans and plantain was not available. I didn’t want jollof rice. I didn’t want swallow. The last tray that had yam porridge looked good enough, so I se..
19 Oct Top benefits of eating locust beans
Tosin Fajobi 1 2056
The Benefits of Eating Locust BeansHi APPLECARTNG lovers and readers! How have you all been? I sincerely apologise for the break in transmission. I have had so much going on with friends, family and myself so I wasn’t able to write. Thank God for the trials. Thank God we overcame them. I can’t help but say I am stronger because of them.So back to t..
08 Sep Why You Should Eat Goat Meat
Tosin Fajobi 0 1425
Hi everyone!!! How are you all doing?! First of all, we just want to say a BIG “Thank You” to you all for reading our posts. It means a lot to us knowing that despite your busy schedule, you dedicate some minutes to come here whenever a new post is up. THANK YOU so much! Now, let’s get down to business.As a people in this country, we have limited f..
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