3 Effective Tips for Stress-free Christmas Shopping

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Christmas is nearly and there’s no better time than now to start thinking of your Christmas shopping and how to save yourself the chaos that typically characterises shopping during the holidays. We have put together 3 steps that are sure to help with this:


1. Make a list: Lists are a valuable tool to help you put your thoughts together and properly identify what needs to be done. You may have several lists focused on varied areas. E.g you may have a gift list detailing who you would like to give gifts to and what you want to purchase for them. You may also have a grocery list drawn up from the food menu you have in mind for that period.

Lists help you visualise and organise your tasks for the Christmas season. No wonder Santa is always quick to make his naughty and nice list well in advance to make sure the nice kids get their toys!


2. Add the how and the when: Once your list is done, the next big question is what means will you use to achieve the tasks and what are some timelines? For example, Applecart is the best way to take care of your grocery list without stress. You may decide that by mid-November, your freezer is all stocked for Christmas so that you can simply relax and anticipate Christmas with no worries. Furthermore, having timelines helps you to pace yourself appropriately and this is the key to avoiding the holiday rush.


3. Start ticking items of the list: This is the most exciting part! Once your list is done and you've added the how and when, the next step is to start executing your tasks. Execution makes the difference between success and otherwise. Review your lists from time to time to add items you forgot and tweak timelines when you cannot meet up.

In all, have fun while shopping, it is afterall Christmas!

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