Make Drinking Water Exciting

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It's common knowledge that the daily recommended intake of water is 8 glasses about 2 litres of water. Trying to get that much water into the body can become boring and a huge chore as you constantly count the glasses and measure how well hydrated you are.
But, drinking water shouldn't be so boring. How about you spice things up and make consuming water exciting? Applecart has put together 3 tips to help you do this.

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1. Squeeze in some lemon juice: Take a fresh lemon, slice it and squeeze the juice into the water. This brings a taste of freshness to your water glass. Lime can be used as an alternative to lemon but bear in mind that it tends to produce a more tangy taste.


2. Infuse water with fruit: While this tip might seem similar to tip 1, they aren't quite the same. To infuse, cut up your chosen fruits into smaller pieces, pour in a jug of water and leave to rest for a while. The longer the time, the more flavour is added to the water. Consider fruits like pineapples, oranges, and any of your favourites.

You may also decide to freeze up pieces of fruit and use them in place of ice cubes. To do this, cut up fruits into sizes that can fit the ice tray, fill up with water and then place in the fridge till they solidify. Once frozen, drop a few cubes into a glass, add some lukewarm water and enjoy!


3. Make tea: This is one tip that many people use already. A note of caution, be mindful of how much sugar you add to the tea as this can take your tea from a healthy cup to an unhealthy one.


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