3 Exciting Ways to Cook Okra

I cannot think of okro without thinking of the best swallow to accompany it. Okra is one of the cheapest veggies you can buy in Nigeria. As a Yoruba lady, I grew up knowing just two ways of making okra. The first method is chopping or grating the okra, then boiling it with water. Later, you pour the tomato stew in the mixture. The second way is to mix okra with a little pepper, a dish called “ilaasepo”.

Lately, I was in the kitchen and one of my flat mates was cooking okra. She was making okra using the second method. While cooking, another friend walked into the kitchen and badgered her with questions. She was confused because she didn’t know this method. She grew up in the Eastern part of the country, so she knew more ways to cook okra. So we made a deal. I would teach her the methods I knew and she would teach me hers.

Needless to say, I have learnt a lot from her which I love to share with you. Here are some exciting ways to cook okra to spice up your swallow:

  1. Uziza Okra soup

Adding Uziza leaves to your okra soup is one fantastic way to enjoy your soup. Uziza gives a certain aroma to your soup and it also makes the soup taste more flavourful. Uzizza-okra soup can be cooked in two different ways. One of the ways to cook it is without palm oil. This style is great for those people who want to take a break from eating soups without oil for a while. You can check out the ingredients and the recipe here. The second style for making uziza okra soup is to make it with oil. The advantage of this is that it allows your ingredients fry well before adding the vegetables to the mix. If you’re a fan of fried soups, this style is perfect for you. If you haven’t tried adding uziza leaves to your okra soup before, there is no better time to try it out than now. Uziza-okro soups are super-duper nutritious and tasty!

By Yemisi Ogbe (Own work) via Wikimedia Comm

  1. Ogbono & Okra Soup

Ogbono is another draw soup ingredient that can be eaten and enjoyed on its own without adding anything, which makes it like Okra soup. But have you ever wondered what the combination of these two terrific draw soups will be? Lots and lots of drawing deliciousness. Gosh, I can almost taste the dish in my mouth right now! Ogbono and Okra soup smells absolutely heavenly and it tastes even more so. Another fantastic advantage about the soup is that it is very economical. It is absolutely your choice if you want to add stock fish, prawns and ugwu leaves to the mixture. Please and please, try out this combination. I promise you, you will totally love it and probably be calling APPLECARTNG to deliver okra and ogbono to your doorstep every weekend. Kindly click here to check out the recipe.