Ginger is a very versatile spice. It gives distinct flavour to meat, fish and just about everything else. Not to talk of the nutritional value it provides.

Powdered ginger is one of the most convenient forms of ginger. You don’t need to wash, peel and grate to use. You simply take out your powdered ginger and ad to meals as required. And of course there’s the added advantage of making sure the preparation process is as hygienic as it should be

So how can you byepass the mallams at the market and get your powdered ginger made at home? That’s exactly what we will be sharing in this blog post. It’s an extremely simple 3 step process;

  1. Clean the ginger: You should rinse the ginger thoroughly with water to ensure all lodgements of sand are taken out. Some people prefer to peel the ginger but retaining the back may of course mean that your powdered ginger packs a punch of flavour. 

Pro tip: When selecting what ginger to use for drying, you want to avoid ginger with too much fibre in it as this usually means you won’t get a fine powder. To test the ginger, try to snap the bottom, a quick easy snaps means ginger is good to go. If it doesn’t snap easy and has a lot of fibre, you may want to avoid it.

  1. Dry the ginger: After cleaning and peeling (if you please) the ginger , cut it up into as small pieces and spread out on a plate for drying. Smaller pieces will of course ensure that the ginger dries faster. Leave the cut up pieces in the sun for a couple of days until completely dried out.


  1. Blend: Use a dry blender to blend the dried pieces of ginger. You may want to pass the blend through a sieve to ensure finely blended powder

That’s it! Homemade ginger powder in 3 super easy steps. Leave us a comment to know what you think about today's post and don't forget to shaer with a friend who would enjoy the deliciousness of homemade ginger. 

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Adapted from this post by Fresh Bites Daily