We all know moi-moi is a delicacy enjoyed by Nigerians home and abroad. Don't you agree that moi-moi made in nylons just doesn't cut it? Aside from the plastic component of nylons, there's this undeniably unique flavour that moi-moi leaves infuse into the wraps of bean goodness, you can just tell the difference! It's moi-moi leaves or nothing! 

The problem though is that sometimes you buy moi-moi leaves and they are way too much. You probably only get to enjoy your leaves only once before they begin to brown at the edges. Or maybe you are abroad and you want to continually savour the taste of leaf-wrapped moi-moi. This leaves (no pun intended!) you in a dilemma because you are sure you can't use up all the leaves at a go and you definitely do not want to throw them away. How can you resolve this? 

Here's a simple way to keep leaves fresh:  

1. Clean the moi-moi leaves as usual

2. Cut off the stalk (if you please)

3. Put cleaned leaves in a plastic bag and pop the bag in the freezer in the freezer. They'll be fresh for next time when you are ready to use. On your preferred day of cooking, take out the leaves and leave them on the counter for a bit.

Voila! You now know the secret to evergreen moi-moi leaves. 

That simple? Yes! 

If you think this is been useful information, share with a friend. Or share with another friend who is abroad and can now ask you to send her some leaves she doesn't have to use all at once! Be sure to say goodbye to market wahala and shop fresh foodstuff on applecartng.com for delivery to your door