Avoiding the Christmas Debt Trap

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Ever wondered why many people start the new year broke and in debt? Christmas is that time of year when people splurge without much consideration for their pockets and this carries on into the new year. Today we share 3 tips to help you enjoy a debt-free Christmas.


1. Set up a budget: This seems like the most basic thing to do but many a time, people just jump right in and spend without creating a budget with limits to guide how much is spent and on what items. Be sure to balance your income with your planned expenditure.


2. Buy things in advance: As much as you can, avoid the holiday price hikes by stocking up ahead. Applecartng can help you fillup your food cupboard. Visit the Applecart site now.


3. Avoid the urge to impress: In seeking to exceed the expectations of friends, extended family and even kids, individuals rake in debts. While it is great to do things well, resist the urge to spend above and beyond your financial means. Long after, you will be left with the burden of repaying your debts.

Clamp down on your purse and stick to your resolutions!


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