Let’s do a quick quiz. Which of these statements do you agree with?

  1. Food is the most important thing for human survival.
  2. Meals taste better with fresh ingredients.
  3. Shopping for ingredients in the market is one of the most stressful things ever.
  4. Having someone to do the shopping and then deliver to your house has many advantages.

If you agree with the first two statements, you’re definitely a human being. If you agree with all the statements, then you, my friend need APPLECARTNG!

Have you ever felt annoyed thinking about the fact that you have to stock up your house with food? The annoyance is not because you don’t want to spend money. It because you have to go to the market. The dreaded Nigerian market that you can’t afford to wear anything expensive. If you make that mistake, you will end up buying tomatoes for ₦250 and then realise your neighbor bought the exact same quantity for ₦50.

The market where you have to plead over and over with traders to lower their prices. The market where some traders run their mouths just because you make the mistake of “pricing their market anyhow”. We could go on and on about the woes of going to the market but you probably know them too.

Due to these problems, food shopping is perhaps one of the things many women would gladly cancel out of their schedule for the day. Not just women but men as well. Men who have lost their wives and have to fend for themselves and their kids. Men who live alone. Men who just like to take care of the shopping for their wives.

Well, you don’t have to keep stressing yourself week after week You don’t even have to lift a finger! Well, you do, but only to give us a call to help us handle your shopping. Our prices are affordable. In fact, they are the best you will get if you venture to the market on your own. What’s more, we charge only 5 percent of whatever you buy (if you buy items above N30, 000).

We only want to relieve you of the stress of weekly food shopping so you can spend the time productively. Instead of spending over three hours at the market, you can spend it with your kids at the park and have your shopping waiting for you once you get back. You can spend quality time with your spouse and catch up on many gists. You can spend it finishing that project you haven’t been able to meet the deadline. You really don’t need to go to the market. APPLECARTNG has your back!


On this blog, we will expose you to facts about various foods. We will show you how to make your favorite meals. We will tell you the alternatives you can use for those expensive meals you want but you can’t have. Are you getting excited about our blog? APPLECARTNG is here for ALL your food needs. Your satisfaction is our concern, and nothing more.

We know you will bookmark our page so you can get more information. Meanwhile, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook. The name is APPLECARTNG and our motto remains “YOU DO THE COOKING, WE DO THE SHOPPING”!

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