Welcome to today's blog post! 

Sometimes, after receiving your items from Applecart, you don’t plan to cook immediately or maybe you’ve bought an item like yams that doesn’t finish at one go. Not to worry, we’re here with 3 solid tips that can help you retain the freshness of your foodstuff until you are ready to cook.

Tip 1- Storing Vegetables

Store vegetables in soft paper (similar in texture to newspapers) to preserve their freshness. This tip works amazingly well with many of the veggies you can find on the Applecart website- ugu, uziza, scent leaves (efinrin), afang e.t.c. Simply wrap the veggies in the paper, stalk and leaves inclusive. You may want to pop the wrapped leaves in the fridge if you want them to last longer. This trick is tested and trusted, why else do you think market women use it?

Tip 2- Storing Yam

Yam is one of those food items that you either love or hate. If you’re a yam-lover then we have a way to give your yams a longer storage life. It’s simple; avoid direct contact between the yam and the floor. You can place something as basic as a carton between the yam and the floor. It keeps the yam-destroying heat away resulting in longer lasting tubers. Additionally, if you don't plan to eat your whole tuber at a go, you can choose to peel and cut up all yam pieces and store in the freezer then conveniently bring out in batches when you would like to.

Tip 3- Storing Beans

Everyone knows that the worst thing is buying beans and discovering later that they are infested with weevils. Avoid this by storing your beans in the freezer. Don’t have enough freezer space? Not a problem. Drop a few pieces of dry chilli pepper in the beans and store in an airtight container. The weevils won’t even stand a chance.

We hope you have discovered how to retain the freshness of your foodstuff and get longer lasting food items. 

As always, say goodbye to market wahala and let Applecart deliver fresh foodstuff to your door. Check our product list to shop and call/whatsapp 0702 533 2663 with any enquiries.