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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Applecart work? 

The process is simple:

1. You go through our item list and add desired products and corresponding quantities to your shopping cart.

2. Then create an account with us/login stating your desired date, time and location for delivery.

3. You choose your preferred payment option and check out!

  • What locations do you currently deliver to?

Our service is currently available in key areas within Lagos state. If you desire to confirm if we service your location, please give us a call (0702 533 2663).

  • How soon after I order can I receive my items?

Deliveries are made on weekdays. Kindly order at least 24 hours in advance. 

  • When is your office open and do you work on weekends (Saturday and Sunday)?

Our office hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday except public holidays. We do not deliver on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Do you do same day delivery?

No. Because our items are purchased fresh daily, we crave your help to order at least the day before so that we can estimate purchase quantities in advance. 

  • What amount do you charge for delivery?
  1. For orders below  ₦ 30,000, our service is provided at a service charge of   ₦ 1,500
  2. For orders above  ₦ 30,000, our service is provided at a service charge of 5% of total order (for example, if your total order=  ₦ 50, 000; service charge=  ₦ 2, 500 which is 5% of  ₦ 50,000  )
  • What are your payment options? (Select your preferred option at checkout)
  1. Payment into our bank account
  2. Debit card online payment using Paystack's secure payment gateway. Paystack is used by, irokotv and a host of others bearing testimony to its solid reputation.

  •  Can I order and have my items delivered on a different date?

Yes. Simply select your desired delivery slot or state your preferred date for delivery in the “customer notes” space on the checkout page.

  • How can I view my order history and make changes to my last order?

To view your last order, simply log into your customer account. You will be presented with the option to view order and order the same thing again. Subsequently, you can make changes to your cart.

  • What if I do not find an item I would like to order on your product list?

Kindly contact us- [email protected] or 0702 5332 663. If we can get it, you can get it! 

  • What if I am unavailable when your delivery personnel get to my location?

Kindly inform us at least five hours to your delivery time so that we can reschedule with you at no cost. In the event that you are unavailable when our delivery personnel arrives, you will have to contact us to reschedule upon which you will be charged a fee separate from your initial delivery charge.